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Not-so-private Thoughts

17 February
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Jessica S.:
so, just graduated from NC State-- BS in Biology and Biochemistry, minor in Biotechnology. I read alot, mostly sci-fi and fantasy, altho sometimes I'll stop reading and draw or do origami or something instead. When I'm between books I usually surf the internet for extended periods of time...hopefully that will end when WoW comes out.
UPDATE: WoW has come out, and I've been addicted to it since the open beta.

List of Authors to keep track of:
Sarah Douglass
Tanya Huff
Lynn Flewelling
Elizabeth Haydon
Carol Berg
Terry Goodkind
Robert Jordan
Steven Brust
Alan Dean Foster
Octavia Butler
Tamara Pierce
Jacqueline Carey
Patricia Briggs
Kelley Armstrong
S. L. Viehl
Robin Hobb
Charlaine Harris
Laurell K. Hamilton
Deborah Chester
Rebecca Bradley
J.V. Jones
Anne Bishop
Trudi Canavan
Kristen Britain
Diana Pharaoh Francis
Garth Nix
Jennifer Fallon
Kate Forsyth
Dirk Strasser
Kim Wilkins
Dave Luckett
Jane Routley